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Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website Usage:

We will ensure a proper limited service as long as usage is personal, compliant with these terms shown on this page and doesn't belong to one of the points below:

  • Commercial use of Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website or any content within.

  • Data mining, unauthorized crawling, robots use, any data gathering tools.

  • Unauthorized use:

    • Data mining.

    • Malicious Bots use.

    • Scrapping tools use.

    • Copyright Removal of owned content on Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website.

    • Framing a portion or all of Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website.

    • Using User Content without our permission and without the users permission as well.

  • Malicious use of Uykusuzlar Website and its contents

  • Copyright infringement regarding Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website and all its materials and content.

  • Malicious attempts at trying to exploit Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website.

  • Use of any material on Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website to violate any law.

Ultra Uykusuz Bot Usage:

To ensure a proper service in your Discord servers, you must not:

  • Try to exploit Ultra Uykusuz Bot in any way possible.

  • Violate Discords ToS.

  • Violate Ultra Uykusuz Bot, Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website terms and policies.

  • Try to ruin Ultra Uykusuz Bot reputation in these ways:​

    • Copyright infringement when it comes to Ultra Uykusuz Bot and Ultra Uykusuz Bot Website art and materials (logos, emotes, banners and more).

  • Commercial use of Ultra Uykusuz Bot or any content within.

  • Blatantly copy Ultra Uykusuz Bot and Uykusuzlar Website services and features.

Terms Of Service: Hakkımızda
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